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Commonwealth Foundation Poll

Some interesting takeaways from the Commonwealth Foundation’s April 6 poll of PA voters:

  • 56% of Voters approve of Governor Shapiro's job performance and by large margins approve of Governor Shapiro's bi-partisan proposals to lower taxes and reform the state's permitting process.

  • Voters do not rate Pennsylvania’s K-12 education system highly; 66 percent gave the system a “C” grade or worse.

  • An overwhelming majority of voters (77 percent) agreed with the statement: “Pennsylvania has arbitrary school district boundaries that traditionally force underprivileged students into underperforming schools. All kids should have access to the best public schools, regardless of location.

  • Voters overwhelmingly support proposed referenda ballot measures, including voter identification requirements (77 percent),

  • Voters approve lowering Pennsylvania’s tax rate on businesses to 4 percent by 2025 to spur economic growth by attracting new companies to the state and encouraging existing businesses to remain in Pennsylvania (77 percent).

  • A majority of Pennsylvania voters (59 percent) believe the federal government has “too much power.”

  • 84 percent of voters agree that “the federal tax code is rigged with loopholes and complex regulations that only benefit the politically well-connected and people who can afford accountants and tax lawyers.

  • 68 percent say the amount of federal taxes they pay is “too high.”

  • 40 percent of voters approve of President Biden’s job performance; 58 percent disapprove.

  • 46 percent have a favorable opinion of Sen. John Fetterman; 48 percent have a favorable opinion of Sen. Bob Casey.

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