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BSI Consulting provides strategic advice, access to key governmental, community and business leaders government and public affairs, business development consulting and grassroots and issues advocacy.  Our consultants are results oriented problems solvers.  We enjoy helping our clients achieve their goals and find success.

We serve across industries helping our clients with their legislative, regulatory, procurement, communications and business development needs. We manage a variety of government and public affairs efforts on behalf of clients, including regulatory actions, crisis management and public sector financing at all levels of government.

Our consultants are guided by these core values:

Integrity . . .

In achieving results for our clients, we strive always to be honest and straight forward, both with our clients and the leaders and the others we are trying to influence on their behalf.  

It’s all about relationships . . .

We understand that getting things done requires key competencies. But it's also our broad network of deep relationships that allows us to have access to people of influence.  We value and nurture those relationships.  Cutting across political parties and business sectors, our relationships and experience allow us to achieve great results for business and non-profits looking to expand their businesses and accomplish their goals.


We bring our talents and heart . . .

Our consultants have decades of experience in politics, government, and communications that they are happy to employ in the service of our clients. Nothing makes us happier than a win for our clients, and we employ our talents, network and experience in to getting that win for you!


Practice Areas

We love nothing more than to visit with you and your team to develop the plans, strategies and tactics that will enable you to achieve success. We accomplish that with our clients as a partner that seeks to understand your business and its needs and strategizes together to achieve victory.


Government Affairs


Public Affairs



Relationships are everything and we value and cultivate ours.  Our team also has over 90 combined years as elected officials, party leaders and government affairs specialists.  We bring our contacts and long years of experience to help our clients grow and achieved their goals.

We have worked tirelessly for clients from small start ups and mom & pop firms to Fortune 100 international companies.


We have counseled and represented a wide range of businesses, rage groups and other entities


Our relationships allow us to find allies for you in your community and to minimize and address the concerns that can sometimes come from stakeholders in your community.


Whether you are responding to a crisis or local resistance to your project, seeking community support for a construction project or looking to expand your business, having the proper relationships with and communication to local elected officials, civic and neighborhood leaders and the community in general is essential. 


Having a well tailored message is also key, and we have great experience there.  We believe in doing this on a proactive basis, but sometimes unforeseen resistance pops up. In either case, we bring to bear our considerable experience in government, politics and with civic and business leaders to help you develop a well thought out and consistently delivered message to showcase the benefits of your project to the community-at-large and highlight the steps you are undertaking to minimize many disruption. 

While there may be a number of programs that are applicable to your business, competition for public funds can be intense.  Having an experienced consultant to help you navigate that process is essential. 


We monitor state and federal programs to determine the applicability and availability of grants and loan programs for our clients. 


But that’s only the beginning.  We then work with your team during the application process and thereafter to make the best case before decision makers, performing the necessary follow up to make sure your application receives the attention your project deserves.  Community and other support is often determinative, so we advise you how best to use your and our contacts to make sure that your application gets the necessary support.


Permitting, Zoning & Land Use

Affairs Procurement & Business Development

Obtaining government approval for your construction project, whether in zoning, land use or permitting, sometimes takes more than a good legal argument. We have helped our clients navigate the byzantine world of licenses and permitting and land development approval.


This takes a combination of government affairs, public affairs and communications skills. Our approach is to sit with you and your team to assess the benefits and risks of your project and the various stakeholders and their different points of view. We then work with your team to develop a plan for outreach, both community outreach and discussions with local or state government leaders, to tout the benefits of your project.


Having a business attorney on staff with experience in real estate development, permitting, finance and business law in general, adds depth to our practice.

We have worked successfully for clients in industries such a commercial construction, real estate, health care, technology and others to find opportunities to help their businesses grow.


For government procurement we can help with Federal. State and Local Governments across Pennsylvania. 


For your business development needs, we have made introductions to our clients to regional and national business leaders as well as local and state governments. 


Our relationships and understanding of the regions’ business community and climate allows us to make you introductions in a variety of industries.

We have the in house staff requires to create all of the marketing materials to help you reach your goals.


Our Professionals 



BSI Consulting

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