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Valentino F. DiGiorgio

Childhood Hero

Frank Rizzo

First Concert


Coffee Order

Smoothies - Doctor says no caffeine 

First Car

Ford Maverick

Favorite TV Show

Current - Yellowstone

All Time - Seinfeld

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My Story

For more than 25 years, Valentino DiGiorgio has represented a wide range of businesses, local and state governmental entities, and non-profits as an attorney, advisor and government affairs and business development consultant and has served as a political leader for his county, region and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Valentino’s varied and in-depth experience in law, business, communications, government and politics adds unique insight and depth to his consulting services, as he not only provides clients with access to leaders, but also serves them as a seasoned and practical advisor. Valentino enjoys that role and collaborating with his clients to find and exploit new opportunities. 

Valentino received his B.B.A with dual majors in economics and finance from Temple University.  Valentino began his career as a bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, evaluating the financial statements, management and liquidity of FDIC insured banks. After graduating Villanova Law School in 1994, he served as assistant counsel to the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and then as a Chief of Staff to Pennsylvania Senator Melissa Hart before joining Stradley Ronon where he practiced law for over 20 years.  He has also served as solicitor to Uwchlan Township Industrial Development Authority and Bethlehem Revitalization and Improvement Authority.

 In private practice, Valentino represented banks and other financial institutions in connection with state and federal regulatory compliance and documenting commercial lending.  Later, Valentino went on to represent state and local governments, investment banks, charter schools and 501(c)(3) entities as bond counsel, lender’s counsel, and underwriter’s counsel for private and public financings in an aggregate amount in excess of $4 billion.

As a government affairs consultant, Valentino has represented businesses, not-for-profit entities, developers and Fortune 500 companies with legislative issues in Harrisburg and in state and local governments across Pennsylvania.  


 Some of Valentino’s government affairs successes include:

  • Obtaining multi- modal and RACP Grants for a Philadelphia government related not-for-profit organization to help fund its community development and revitalization projects.

  • Successfully representing a Pennsylvania real estate developer in connection with its legal and public affairs needs relating to a large multi-use development project. He worked with local government  and civic association leaders and others to address water runoff and related issues in connection with the development project and ultimately helped lead the project to success by getting the necessary zoning and land development approvals.

  • Guiding one of the world's largest financial services companies to achieve its goals in connection with pension reform legislation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Representing one of the world’s largest internet gaming companies in its efforts to pass internet gaming legislation in Pennsylvania.

  • Representing a Philadelphia non-profit entity to obtain grants for its annual signature event and ensure attendance by state and local government and business leaders.

  • Advising and representing a number of private developers and non-profit entities seeking to obtain legislative and other grants.


More recently, as Corporate & General Counsel to two national restaurant chains and their parent entities, Valentino oversaw a variety of complex corporate, M&A, restructuring, real estate and employment matters, helping to lead those organizations during the pandemic and related economic challenges.

As a result, of his extensive legal and government affairs background and his experience in business, Valentino is uniquely qualified to assistant represent government and public affairs clients in connection with their needs.

Valentino recognizes the importance of community and public service. He was elected to and served two terms as the Chester County Controller where he was responsible for the overseeing the county’s finances, payroll and pension. He also served as Chairman of the Chester County and Pennsylvania Republican Party.

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